About Us

About us

Our unique company culture values INNOVATION DEDICATION to our consultants & clients and above all a philosophy of "doing the right thing". By deploying the optimum talent for IT projects, we enable our clients to define the technology of tomorrow. Our ability to position project managers, business analysts and technologists in the ever evolving spaces of mobile technology, network design, cloud and application development make us a leader in the IT STAFFING world.

Our Mour Mission

We help our clients operate effectively so they can keep changing the world for the better.


We act with credibility and integrity in all respects.


We respect those we work with, nature and society. We respect each other in decision making and implementation. We respect friendships across the organization, independent of the hierarchy.

Professional Capability

We are proud of our professional capability. We encourage innovation and professional courage whenever it creates value for our customers.

We want to be:

An industry top player

The customer’s first choice

World-class international specialists

Minority Certified:

As a Minority Certified" Business Enterprise (MBE), we understand that diversity and inclusion are essential ingredients to recruiting the best and brightest talent. Our company is built on a deep commitment to proactively hiring and placing employees of all backgrounds, creating positive awareness of diversity issues and embedding accountability for diversity throughout our organization as well as our clients’.

Our employees and candidates are treated fairly and with respect regardless of age, disability, gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, color, nationality, religion or belief and sexual orientation. Employment and promotion opportunities are solely based on the aptitude and ability of the wonderfully unique individuals we represent.

Our Certificates