• Large size beard net made of light breathable medical grade non-woven fabric

• Soft comfortable thread elastic for secure positioning and ergonomic fit over the user's face.

• Protects environment from hair shedding from beard or mustache



• High quality disposable virgin LDPE shoe covers

• Manufactured on fully automatic Taiwanese converting machines

• Available in Blue/Green/White

• HMPE/CPE available on request

• Soft but strong material that doesn't tear easily

• Generous universal length of 415 mm

• Soft double string elastic at ankle for snug and secure fit


• Medical grade PP spunbond

• Machine made with ultrasonic sealing eliminating labor processes

• Strong, durable and cost effective

• Long lasting and does not tear/break as easily

• Does not slip on wet floors

• Stronger, more durable and higher quality alternative to PE shoe covers

• Generous universal length of 415 mm

• Soft double string elastic at ankle for snug and secure fit

• Each pair packed uniquely into small 'rolls' of 1 Pair/Bags of 25 Pairs


• Knee length foot and lower leg protective garment

• Strong and durable PP spunbond nonwoven fabric

• Soft elastic at the ankle and top for a secure fit and positioning

• Used in environments, when extra protection is required or for the user's additional protection.

Standard packing :Shoe cover -25 pairs packet Leggings - 25 pairs packet


• Laminated PP spunbond dental bib

• Fluid repellent

• Tie bands to secure around patients neck

• Protects patient during dental examination or procedure

• Used in hair salons/beauty parlors during hair washing

• Used for elderly and young patients as disposable bib while feeding.


• Set of disposable bed sheet and pillow cover with flap

• Standard product White/Blue/Green PP Spunbond

• Also available in SMS or laminated fabric for fluid repellent

• Bed Sheet 1.6 M width x 2.25 M length fits comfortably on hospital beds.

• Pillow Cover with flap comfortably fits large size pillows.

• Customization can be done upon request